Chavez in Ciudad Caribia

Mural with the Bolivarian Front Roller Land Muralistas

The nascent Bolivarian Front of Muralistas Roller Land organized a festival in Caribia City to mark the birthday of Commander Chavez. The ECL, La Kasa for Race, Ramon Pimentel, Creative Command Shamániko and perform this wall unit that realizes the life of Chavez.
We did the art of left end of the huge mural, which is a colorful crowd getting Chavez, eternal commander of the peoples.





Bolivar remains in force pending


Many people ask for this image. The message is simple: Our Bolivar will survive, not walk in procer pedestals, but at us. But most important of this design is that it forces people to rethink the conventional historiography Bolivar. Seeing her, or who like and those who reject it are stay indifferent: puts them all to speak of Bolivar.
Behold, in our opinion, its main merit.





The film we are all

Project to support cineforistas.


Humans have always had the need to tell stories.


The first men gathered around the fire to tell his adventures, since then we have not stopped looking for new ways to narrate and group sharing. Greek Aedos reciting from memory the Odyssey, the oral tradition of our peoples, the minstrels traveling from town to town. When the Lumiere brothers invented the camera, they expand the horizons of this tradition. In the Soviet Union, for example, Alexander Medvedkin built a movie studio in the car of a train and traveled throughout Russia filming and projecting films in each village. Today, as in Venezuela we are building alternatives to organize and relate, seeking common problems of all solutions, we need spaces for collective construction of a new society, why then not take the walls of our neighborhoods and turn them into movie screens and fighting tools? Therefore, with the intention of promoting community cinema projection we have developed a project called "cinema we are all". By momenstos the project has:


1. A 5-day workshop for cineforistas (in the workshop are studied from audiovisial elements of language to technical aspects of the projection)

2. Series of films grouped by theme, accompanied by a collapsible envelope containing synopsis, technical data, generating questions, tips to organize the screening and a poster for the fotocopies, scribes hand and place of projection and use it for summon the neighbors.

3. A manual sheet letter format and black and white for you to download, fotocopies and repartas. to see the full manual:

4. A series of animations and audiovisual capsules to accompany the projection We are currently developing with Community Television Broadcasters Network a space that seeks to bring the cinema experience Forum to television.


What is Capital

Image International Meeting of Cadre School


in May 2013 it was held at the International Meeting of Caracas Cadre School "What is the capital?" a contemporary balance of the work of Karl Marx. We support the event with the image design that was used on posters, booklets and flannels.


What is Capital

Piece striped knapsack for "Reveronazo"


To commemorate the birth of Armando Reveron, Macuti did in a series of graphic interventions with other artists and muralists. This was one of several interventions Command: one stencil of several templates